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Brain Twisters
Something for the kids to do at the lake, on the way to the lake, or when you can't be at the lake.

National Safe Boating Council
Special Boating Sidekicks section just for kids! 










The lake is a special place to have fun and create treasured memories with family. Take advantage of all the lake has to offer the whole family.





As Another Summer Ends
Trying to let go of the summer gracefully can be a challenge for lake lovers.

Giving Thanks At The Lake
What better place to give thanks for them many things we have to be thankful for than the lake? Starting new family traditions or continuing old ones at the lake can be very rewarding.

Dog Days at the Lake
Love sharing your love of the lake with man's best friend? Do dogs enjoy the lake as much as their owners? The connection between lake lovers and their dogs seems to be strengthened by this shared experience.

Here Comes the Sun (Burn)
Spending all day in the sun, and getting in and out of the water, it is almost impossible not to get a sunburn. A good tan or sunscreen cannot protect you from the sunís ultraviolet radiation for a whole day.

Dog Meets Lake
Discover some of the challenges and rewards of introducing a grown dog to the wonders of lake life. Sharing the lake with those we love is a big part of why we enjoy it so much.

Boating Safety Classes - For Everyone!
Boating injuries and fatalities are often preventable. Don't become a statistic this summer. Take a boating safety class, and protect everyone.

Rainy Days at the Lake
Yes, it will definitely rain sometimes when you are at the lake house. Here are some tips on how to keep it from getting everybody down.

Another Year, Another Water Toy
A story of a growing collection of water toys. Every year that we spend at the lake brings with it the need to make additions to the collection.

Holiday Crafts
Crafts are a great way to get the kids involved in getting ready for the holidays. Whatever holiday crafts or other activities you do with the kids this year, enjoy sharing the holiday spirit with them!

Great Gift Ideas
It's that time of year again. Looking for ideas for what to get the lake lovers in your life? Here are some gift ideas that are sure to be a hit with friends and family who share your love of the lake.

New Year, New Resolution
January is a time to reflect on our lives and decide what changes you need to make to improve things. If you have trouble making and keeping resolutions try these tips for making resolutions that work for you.


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